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Post  Admin on Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:05 pm

Ok ive been playing xbox since the day they came out with the 360. But havent gotten xbox live until this year in like November of 2011. I first had the idea when me and a friend which hes also a member of NAG were playing some online matches and we saw clans(teams). I told him after i backed out of the match to the lobby, that we should make a team doesnt have to be anything big but you never know what the turn out would be. So we created what was called NAG and we didnt have anything that it stood for, i just had the idea since for bmx racing it stands for National Age Group. So just being random and for right now it stands for Natural Agressive Gamers. Then we just kept adding friends we knew either from school or from bmx and started to make the Alpha, and Bravo teams. I mostly play MW3 or MX v.s ATV Alive. Those are my favorites.


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